Building The New

A new-age transforming brand, TMTNEXT is treading strong towards its goal of ‘Building the New’. This central idea is synonymous with any construction that is happening for the future growth and development of India, competing with international standards. Following this, construction quality and lifecycle of new-age buildings will increase manifold catering to increased modernization, evolved cities, and progress of tomorrow at a faster pace.

While steel continues to have a strong foothold in traditional sectors, such as construction, housing, and ground transportation, special rebar steel is increasingly being used in building the new dream in engineering industries, such as power generation, petrochemicals, and fertilizers. While building the new big India is occupying a central position on the global steel map, with the establishment of new state-of-the-art steel mills, acquisition, and modernization. Building the new strong growth in India is projected to be higher than the world average, as the per capita consumption of steel is projected to rise to 220 million tonnes by 2030 and TMTNEXT aims at constituting a healthy part of it by building the new life and spreading its expertise to create architectural marvels.