Cut to Length

Cut To Length (CTL) is the process to uncoil sections of flat-rolled steel and cut them into flat rectangular blanks of desired length. CTL rebars are customized products for customer’s solutions and specific requirements.


  • Save space, Capital: TMT NEXT where we are assuring for leading and building the New. CTL will serve the purpose as it steel being the important ingredients occupies a lot of valuable space, CTL saves the same also prevents capital investment from being blocked.
  • Labour, time and inventory costs: Cutting and bending manually is a laborious process and also time-consuming. TMT NEXT cut to length is precise, bendable saves labor time and inventory costs.
  • Ensures zero wastage of steel: In manual cutting and bending wastage is sure to occur. TMTNEXT CTL ensures zero wastage of steel.
  • Maximizes time management: CTL minimizes the role of contractor, vendor management, and quality control and maximizes time management.
  • Products timely delivery: We maintaining the best quality and we strive to enhance customer satisfaction through best practices like following an Integrated ERP system, skilled employees, and very strong inventory management. That’s the reason we can deliver our brand on time.